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Speed is the product

Exploring SIMD and auto-vectorization in WebAssembly to accelerate the C++ Eigen demucs.cpp code in Post 2 in the series

Ignorance is BLISs

Exploring different BLAS library backends (OpenBLAS, AOCL BLIS, Intel MKL) for C++ Eigen project demucs.cpp on my AMD Zen 3 5950X. Post 1 in the series

How I Python

Describing my Python dev setup (virtualenvs, etc.) as someone who has had to work with virtualenv/pip and conda side-by-side

Improving xumx-sliCQ (slightly)

Trying (and mostly failing) to improve my 2021 neural network in 2023: automatic mixed precision, bfloat16, TF32, ONNX, TensorRT, nested tensors, weight pruning, and more

My 2023 dotfiles setup

Describing new ideas for managing my dotfiles for work-life balance and separation of concerns, and some tips on my personal and workplace learning philosophies

7 years of open-source projects

Tracking the evolution of my GitHub portfolio from 2014 to 2022, and how I chose new projects to work on


Introduction to my new blog