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Sevag H

Website of Linux SWE/SRE with over 10 years of experience in industry and a Master of Arts in music technology. I've worked and excelled at big and small companies with a variety of corporate cultures: NVIDIA, Pandora/SiriusXM, Samsung, SAP, and more.


Contact me!

Linux systems programming, cloud infrastructure, audio and music technology, and more; I write good READMEs and pragmatic, explainable solutions and code. My work: client testimonials and open-source portfolio. E-mail me at sevagh at protonmail dot com

Some of my projects:

  • Music Demixer: offline client-side Demucs inference for music source separation on low-memory edge devices: runs in the browser with WebAssembly and on Android with custom C++ inference (based on demucs.cpp)
  • Pip wheels for the NVIDIA RAPIDS GPU data science libraries
  • xumx-sliCQ: a new time-frequency approach in a PyTorch neural network for music demixing
  • showcase of my portfolio of music analysis tools
  • Petabyte-scale metrics, alerting, and visualization platform built with open-source components: Prometheus, Thanos, and Grafana
  • Concurrent CDN file replicator service in Go that copied 1+ billion files over its lifetime
  • pq: a fast Rust cli protobuf parser with Kafka support