Releasing a static Go binary on CentOS

3 minute read Published:

Baby's first steps for releasing Go software on CentOS with an RPM

Reddit Writes Rust

3 minute read Published:

Read about how the Rust subreddit helped me implement multi-threading in my command-line music player

Terraform tips and tricks

6 minute read Modified:

I've spent the last 2 months trying to explore the depths of Terraform (for AWS). Here's a compilation of neat things I discovered along the way.

Testing a Rust binary crate

3 minute read Published:

Using std::process to write Rust tests for a binary crate, i.e. a crate that doesn't expose clean public functions like a library crate.

Configurable datastructures with C macros

3 minute read Modified:

Using C macros to create basic datastructures with configurable data types and storage backends using `gcc` switches. Part of my effort to refresh my CS basics by implementing datastructures from scratch.

Ngrepping the Vertica network protocol

2 minute read Published:

How I used ngrep to reverse-engineer the Vertica wire protocol from JDBC and contribute it upstream to Python and Ruby-native Vertica libraries

Visualizing pitch detection

3 minute read Published:

Some plots to attempt to understand and visualize the intermediate results of autocorrelation-based pitch detection algorithms

Provision and orchestrate GCE with Terraform and Ansible

6 minute read Published:

Using Terraform and Ansible to provision Google Compute Engine servers, and orchestrate them with Ansible to install Zabbix

AWS Elastic Beanstalk Docker deployment

3 minute read Published:

Using Amazon Elastic Beanstalk to deploy the Pagure git forge, a Python web application

Chromebook fun: SSH, Crouton, and ALARM

5 minute read Published:

Doing things with an ARM Chromebook including SSHing to my desktop, installing Ubuntu with Crouton, and installing native Arch ARM on an SD card