Provision and orchestrate GCE with Terraform and Ansible

6 minute read Published:

Using Terraform and Ansible to provision Google Compute Engine servers, and orchestrate them with Ansible to install Zabbix

AWS Elastic Beanstalk Docker deployment

3 minute read Published:

Using Amazon Elastic Beanstalk to deploy the Pagure git forge, a Python web application

Chromebook fun: SSH, Crouton, and ALARM

5 minute read Published:

Doing things with an ARM Chromebook including SSHing to my desktop, installing Ubuntu with Crouton, and installing native Arch ARM on an SD card

Speeding up real-time pitch detection with FFT autocorrelation

2 minute read Published:

Replacing time-domain autocorrelation with numpy FFT autocorrelation in a Python implementation of the McLeod Pitch Method

Remote CUDA with Amazon EC2

3 minute read Published:

Setting up an EC2 server to develop CUDA code remotely with Eclipse Nsight