Testing a custom Rust malloc for C

5 minute read Published:

Writing a malloc implementation for C using Rust, and testing it using mtrace.

Profiling C++

5 minute read Published:

Testing out some C++ profiling techniques on Linux.

vpnc and systemd

1 minute read Published:

Writing a systemd unit file and some other extras to get vpnc running correctly on a Linux laptop.

Where's the noop scheduler?

2 minute read Published:

Explaining the missing noop scheduler for SSDs on EC2 instances with recent kernels.

EC2 + CentOS performance optimizations

1 minute read Published:

Disabling hyperthreading and upgrading the kernel on CentOS/RHEL 7.

8 months of pq

6 minute read Published:

A post announcing the 1.0 release of pq, my Rust command-line protobuf deserializer, and how the codebase evolved over the last 8 months.

Property-based testing in Rust and Python

3 minute read Published:

Quickcheck for a Rust library, and a testbench for C programs in Python using ctypes and Hypothesis.

Enable Redhat SCL in Docker

1 minute read Published:

Type-erasing unsafe traits in Rust

2 minute read Published:

In Rust, traits can be object-safe and non-object-safe. There are workarounds to make unsafe traits safe - this is how I did it.

Static public IPs for EC2 instances

2 minute read Published:

A solution for convenient and automatic static public IPs for CentOS EC2 instances using EIPs and ENIs.