RiiR - the state of the Rust ecosystem

3 minute read Published:

Wherein I take a Go project and with some mild effort, RiiR (it doesn't work though so you can skip this article).

Some FFTW3 things

4 minute read Published:

I learned a few things about FFTW3 recently which helped me improve pitch detection - power of 2 optimization and SIMD.

Go project structure

3 minute read Published:

Experiments in structuring my Go projects in a different ways.

Speeding up numpy-based pitch detection with scipy

1 minute read Published:

Tiny follow-up to yesterday's post - discovered that scipy.correlate is faster than numpy.correlate.

Speeding up numpy-based pitch detection with numba

6 minute read Published:

Doing some Python profiling and optimization to make a numpy.correlate-based Python music transcriber faster using numba.

My path to SRE

13 minute read Published:

Wherein I describe my path from grungy 12-year-old, to mediocre software dev, through the corporate IT/DevOps hellscape, onwards to more interesting SRE positions.

The gdb putenv trick

1 minute read Published:

Inject environment variables into the parent terminal with gdb's putenv and some Rust examples.

gdb 101: tracing a Mesa segfault in Docker, part 2

2 minute read Published:

In the previous part, gdb was giving 'File not found' errors. I'll attempt to acquire those files.

GitLab CI on my personal site and CV

2 minute read Published:

I ported my manual Hugo/GitHub pages portfolio website to GitLab pages to take advantage of GitLab's CI features.

gdb 101: tracing a Mesa segfault in Docker, part 1

5 minute read Published:

When attempting to launch and play Quake 1 in a Docker container by displaying to the host's Wayland plumbing, I ran into a segfault in the Mesa graphical driver. I attempt to hunt it down.